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What is Nom Nom?

Pronunciation/ /ˈnäm ˌnäm/

informal, chiefly North American

Definition of nom nom in English:

Exclamation: (also om nom nom)

Used to express pleasure at eating, or at the prospect of eating delicious food

About Nom Nom

Homemade from scratch, using only ingredients you can pronounce. No monophosphoascorbictocopeherols here. Sweetness is provided by maple trees, honey bees, and sugar cane. Whether it’s a childhood classic, boutique signature donut, or a waybetterthanitshouldbe gluten free option, we’ve got you covered. They’re all prepared daily and NEVER contain trans fats.

Nom Nom Doughnuts is Jackson’s only made from scratch Artisan doughnut shop and catering service. Every doughnut is made from our experts hand, and bite by bite you will see why Nom Nom Doughnuts rises above the rest.

Oh yeah… we deliver!